Overview Edit

In Rusted Pipes, there are three basic resources, Ferrum Crystal, Organic Goo, and Thermite.

Ferrum Compression deals with the extraction and processing of the Ferrum Crystal found around the caverns into Basic Ammunition and Ferrum Bricks.

Blah Blah Coating,k

Blah Blah Tempering.

Note: There are three sections of Ferrum extraction, Compression, Coating, and Tempering

Compression Edit

Machines Edit

There is a total of 5 machines to the Compression Branch:

  1. Extractor
  2. Refinery
  3. Compressor (called caster)
  4. Basic Ammunition Crafter (called ammunition crafter)
  5. Turret (called turd)

Statistics Edit

  • The Extractor produces 3 Crude Ferrum per second when placed on top of a Ferrum Crystal
  • The Refinery requires 1 Crude Ferrum per second and produces 1 Pure Ferrum per second - One Extractor can support up to 3 Refineries
  • The Compressor requires 6 Pure Ferrum per second and gives the player 1 Ferrum Brick - Six Refineries are required for optimal output
  • The Basic Ammunition Crafter requires 1 Pure Ferrum per second and produces 4 Basic Ammunition
  • The Turret requires 4 Basic Ammunition to shoot at an optimal rate of 4 BPSNote: Each machine's requirements have a set amount of input and output per second, it cannot function faster than its optimal output and input rates

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